Why is it that difficult to manage and save our money? The importance of new financial apps and customer experiences.

saving money

Money, as a means of exchange, is sometimes the most important thing to most humans. Having it gives one a feeling that anything can be done. However, the absence of money could lead to vulnerabilities such as depressing thoughts that the world is beyond one’s grasp. Empower Finance (US) opinions gives their opinions on this and saving money can be synonymous with saving life.

Money appears in several currencies but the currency notwithstanding, the fact remains that a lot of things can be controlled when one has it. Money comes with influence and respect. A poor man in Chapter 9, verse 15 of the book of Ecclesiastes, in the Holy Book proved how one can be ignored when one lacks money, even after doing something great.

Now, it comes to how we can effectively manage the money we have to be able to claim our space in the world of relevance. Technologies have made buying and selling easier and faster; it has created a quicker way to earn and spend money in a matter of seconds.

Why not utilize these same technologies to your benefit? You can harness the various routes of making money via technology and you ought to be able to maximize how to manage it effectively by the help of technology. Here are some tips to manage your finances:


Apps such as Microsoft Excel and WPS Office enable you to plan your yearly, weekly or daily budget via the spreadsheet on them. Every budget should include a percentage for savings. This is a prerequisite to having a financially stable life.  Budgeting has definitely saved a lot of middle income families by preventing overspending and not living above their standards.


Apps such as Piggy vest will guarantee interest on saving with them, and one could also earn commission for referring the app to others. Other applications like Tradevest can help one to invest in foreign exchange for maximum profits. With the present popularity of internet monies like Bitcoin and Euthereum, investments options abound technologically.

Diversified Portfolios

Having more than one stream of income is advisable in this changing world. The Pandemic has definitely brought with it some enlightenment on the fact that nothing in this world can remain forever. Apps such as Freelancer, Fiverr, and Upwork have changed the online marketing business, by providing a platform where several clients can meet, get their Content Writing, Photography, Engineering design, Art project and many more stuff done.


Investing in Government bonds depends on the rate of the bonds. Bonds may not bring that big profit all at once and could take time. The best decision is to find out the best rates for you and reap the long-term benefits.

Tracking your investments

Forbes recommends Personal Capital as an app for keeping track of your investments and creating budgets. Personal Capital is a useful tool when evaluating your portfolio. Mint is another Forbes recommended application. Mint is user-friendly, so newbies can find its use easy. Mint can help to create a budget-linking your credit card, bank and loans. This is the feature that makes it so attractive to newbies.

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